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Andy Reid On Michael Vick, Nick Foles & Mychal Kendricks


Andy Reid was asked specifically about the performance of a couple players in this most recent minicamp. First was Michael Vick.

"Today was an all red zone day for both sides of the football. Obviously, quarterbacks are measured by how they can do their thing in the red zone. We spent a lot of effort on that and a lot of effort on the blitz game and the protections. He's got that and he's attacked that, and it's fun to watch. He was a guy that was here every day and that set the tempo. When you can get your quarterback here being with 100% attendance, most of the guys are going to follow."

Obviously executing in the red zone and limiting turnovers will be the key for the offense this season. Reid knows it, Vick knows it and they'll be spending all offseason trying to correct it. Let's just hope it works...

He was then asked about Nick Foles.

"Nick has been great. Great for Foles, great for [QB] Mike Kafka. Really, these are passing camps because there is no contact. The o-line and d-line can't get into the run game stuff unless you walk through it. The full speed stuff ends up being your pass game. So, we've given all the quarterbacks an opportunity, Kafka and Foles probably more than Trent [Edwards]. I've seen improvement there and I like what I've seen from Foles, and then Michael [Vick], too. When Trent has an opportunity, and he's done this for a number of years, but he's done well there, too."

So... yeah. Trent Edwards isn't making this team.

Finally, rookie Mychal Kendricks was the star of the first rookie camps, so how did Andy think he progressed as the vets showed up?

"He improved every day, and we threw a lot at him to give him a solid foundation to go into training camp with. If we needed to slow it down so he could get the combination coverages down, we did that with him. He is a gym rat, so he wants every bit of you as a coach, and [defensive coordinator] Juan [Castillo] and [linebackers coach] Michael [Caldwell] spent a lot of time with him. I think he comes out of here with a great foundation that he can continue to build on."