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Buzzmeter: DRC Is Back At Home

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So far, the Buzzmeter has been filled by Brandon Graham & Jeremy Maclin, but they are not the only returning vets turning heads at minicamps this summer. In our original posts on the buzzmeter, the one name everyone seemed to be arguing for was Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

There can be no doubt that DRC has been getting buzz for his performances at the NovaCare complex this year. The former Pro Bowler who came over to the Eagles as part of the Kevin Kolb trade struggled in his first year here, but has shined in practice since being moved from the slot to his preferred position on the outside.

"He’s in his element," Jason Avant told Jonathan Tamari. "If you take a fish and put him on land, it doesn’t work well. He's an outside guy and hes always been fast. He’s so accustomed to being out there he can see the quarterback better."

Michael Vick called out DRC as the standout on defense so far.

"Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. He's playing good football right now. I think I've thrown three interceptions in this camp and two of them, on the same route, has been to him. ... Phenomenal speed through the ball, to the ball. Becoming a better cornerback than I think most of the guys in the league right now, and he's still young."

DRC only just turned 26, so despite the success he's already had in his career, there's no doubt this his best football could still be in front of him.