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Michael Vick: 2012 Eagles Are The Best Team I've Played With

Michael Vick made the goal for the this 2012 Eagles squad very clear in a tweet this week.

He was asked about the tweet in an interview with Mike Missanelli yesterday.

"We just feel like we're in a position to accomplish a lot. That's what we wanna do. And I think if you don't shoot for the stars, then what are you in it for? And I think if that's everybody's mind set, then you feel like you can accomplish it and start believing that you can do it. And we feel like we can do that, so we know it's gonna be tough. Nothing's gonna be easy, but I think that just makes us want to work even harder."

Vick is so confident about the 2012 squad, he called it the best team he's played with in his entire career.

"Yeah, and certainly a much more complete team than I've ever been on. This is the best team that I've been able to play with my entire career. We've just got talent stacked all over the place, so that's one of the main reasons why we feel like we got a good chance at it. Chances like this, teams that are built this way don't come around too often and you've gotta feel blessed that you're in a position to play with a team with so much talent. So I just wanna take advantage of it."

So who would be 2nd best? The 2004 Falcons that lost to the Eagles in the NFCCG?