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Don't Expect The Eagles To Ever Do "Hard Knocks" As Long As Andy Reid Is In Charge

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HBO has had a rough time lately finding teams interested in doing their "Hard Knocks" documentary series covering an NFL's training camp. They seemingly asked every team ( and probably ducked Jerry Jones' phone calls) before getting the Dolphins to agree for this season.

They certainly aren't a team almost anyone outside of Miami would have liked to see on the show, but it could be interesting with a rookie QB and a team in transition. Either way, Eagles fans should find some way to enjoy it, because they'll likely never see their own team on HBO.

In a chat yesterday with, Andy Reid was asked by a fan if he'd ever considering allowing the Hard Knocks team cover Eagles training camp?

I understand the part about it being great for TV and it's a tribute to HBO for doing it. From an organizational standpoint it ends up being a distraction.

Martellus Bennett & Antonio Cromartie would probably both agree... Although I don't know that Andy would be that worried about his players getting in trouble. The thing that I could never see Andy being comfortable with is telling players they're cut or discussing roster moves with Howie Roseman on camera. The Jets did allow that in the last Hard Knocks, but that's just not Andy's style. I'm sure the players appreciate that.