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Eagles Schedule 3rd Annual Flight Night

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The Eagles will host their 3rd annual "Flight Night" on Saturday, August 26th at the Linc. It's essentially a live, training camp style practice with a carnival type atmosphere built up around it. This year, they will even unveil a laser light show.

Of course, the first ever Flight Night is infamous for being the event at which Stewart Bradley's knee was destroyed (I think by Reggie Brown?), he was lost for the season and really never returned to his pre-injury levels. Bradley looked like he was poised to finally become the solution at MLB, but the Flight Night injury ended that hope.

Thankfully, last year's event went off without a hitch. I actually think it's a pretty fun event and frankly is probably more enjoyable than a preseason game. For one, it's only $20 ($12 for kids) unlike the full price you pay for a preseason game. Also, it doesn't go on forever (like preseason games) and is generally a pretty light and fun atmosphere.

You can get tickets on and all proceeds go to the Eagles Youth Partnership charitable efforts.