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Eagles Work Out Punter Brad Maynard

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Aaron Wilson of reports that the Eagles worked out veteran punter Brad Maynard yesterday. Maynard, 38, is a 16 year NFL vet who played for the Cleveland Browns last season, but spent the majority of his career with the Chicago Bears. He was actually one time a 3rd round pick of the New York Giants.

Maynard averaged 40.5 yards per punt, had 25 of his punts fair caught and allowed just one touchback. Compare that to Eagles rookie Chas Henry last season, who had 9 punts go into the end zone. Despite his fairly advanced age, Maynard was more or less right in line with his career averages last season, if not a little better.

The Eagles usually bring in competition at punter for camp and Maynard certainly would be a safe, veteran option to contrast with 2nd year man Chas Henry. Henry was an All-American and Florida and won the award for the nation's top punter, so he would seem to have the talent to be a good NFL punter, but was inconsistent last season. Maynard may be just the right kind of guy to push him.

Maynard hasn't been signed yet, so we'll keep an eye out. I suspect he may not be the last potential camp leg brought in for a look.