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The Linc - Jim Washburn Likes All His Tools

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Trent Edwards On His Progress 'I Have A Long Way To Go' - SB Nation Philly
Philadelphia Eagles veteran backup quarterback Trent Edwards spoke after practice on Thursday about his progress throwing the football in a new system.

Rich Hofmann: Eagles' line is all that matters to Jim Washburn
"That’s the reason I came here," he said. "Because I knew this: they’re going to give you tools here. Some places, they don’t. Some places, they don’t have the contingency plan. If somebody gets hurt, they don’t have a way to plug somebody in. Here, they’re going to get you players ... That’s all a life-timer like me, a position coach, can ask, is to have the tools. They’re going to do that."

Eagles want Michael Vick to break some bad habits -
Michael Vick wasn't the only guy to leave plays on the field for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011, but there was no hiding the fact he took a step back in his third season with the team.

Bizarre tale of an Eagle rookie's imposter
The story of an undrafted Eagles rookie, Phillip Thomas, who was the victim of a strange public saga at the hands of an imposter.

Chicago wants a Super Bowl at Soldier Field | ProFootballTalk
Soldier field is barely fit to hold a flag football game, let alone a Super Bowl. Worst surface in the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles 2012 Schedule Analysis |
It is a good thing the bye week comes when it does for the Eagles. Philadelphia will face a six-game run that will rival any in the NFL in 2012: NY Giants, at Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, at New Orleans and Dallas. If you are counting at home, that stretch features five playoff teams from a year ago not to mention three of the last four Super Bowl champions.