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Top 100 Players of 2012: Nnamdi Asomugha Takes a Tumble

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If you've been following NFL Films' Top 100 Players lately, you'd know that Nnamdi Asomugha was ranked fairly highly by his fellow players last year: 18th overall, in fact.

However, after a year in which he struggled to transition to a new system with a new team, Asomugha's rating has taken quite a tumble. According to Greg Cosell's teaser column on the NFL Films website, Asomugha will be appearing in tonight's episode, which features players ranked from 80th to 71st overall.

That being said, with Asomugha's All-Pro-level talent, his down year is likely to be simply a bump in the road. With a year to adjust to the Philadelphia defense and the addition of defensive backs coach Todd Bowles to the Eagles staff, Asomugha will have a solid chance at regaining his lofty position among the NFL elite in 2012.

Make sure to check out the countdown tonight on NFL Network at 8:00pm EST.

UPDATE: As presented by Titans safety Jordan Babineaux, Asomugha's ranking for this year's Top 100 Players is #79. Watch the clip here.

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