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The Linc - Dispelling Michael Vick Injury Myths

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The myth behind Vick's 2011 injuries
Michael Vick got hurt a few times last year, but none were due due to him leaving the pocket, running recklessly or not sliding.

A fairly simple observation: Tight ends are tall. The Eagles’ linebackers are not tall. – Blogging the bEast
The Eagles’ (debatable) projected starting linebackers this year are DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks, and Brian Rolle. Their heights: DeMeco Ryans: 6’1 Mychal Kendricks: 5’11 Brian Rolle: 5’10

RSP No-Huddle Series: Eagles RB Bryce Brown | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
A look at the potential of Eagles rookie RB Bryce Brown.

Bernard Pollard says NFL won't exist in 20-30 years - CBSSports
Toward the end of the interview, Pollard was asked if he would let his son play football? His response was fascinating. "I know what my body has been through," Pollard said. "I'm 27 years old. I take care of myself, but it's a violent sport. I don't want him to have go through it. I don't want to see my son with a concussion."

We'll Boo When We Want to Boo - SB Nation Philly
The national media is all over Philadelphia fans for cheering the injury to Joakim Noah- and @FakeWIPCaller is sick of it.

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