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The Linc - Trent Cole Targets Babin's Mark

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Eagles defensive end Trent Cole expects big things this season
"Eighteen sacks," he said, citing the number fellow defensive end Jason Babin racked up last season. After a moment he revised his target to 19, to do even better.

Although different, Nnamdi, DRC make it work
Nnamdi Asomugha is a quiet, thoughtful guy and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is louder and more boisterous, but together they form the Eagles' cornerback duo.

Defensive Prototypes: Defensive Line |
PFF's Sam Monson explores the various defensive line alignments and selects a prototype player for each.

Is Hakeem Nicks officially 'injury-prone?' - NFC East Blog - ESPN
I's not unfair at this point to call the guy injury-prone. It's just not. He's had some kind of physical issue that has cost him some time every year since he entered the league. And labeling a guy as injury-prone doesn't mean he isn't great or can't continue to be. But this is something to watch with Nicks as his future unfolds and things like new contracts start to come up.

Alex Smith, Cam Newton and Judging Quarterbacks -
49ers quarterback Alex Smith recently caused a bit of a stir when, seemingly growing frustrated with reporters’ questions about his statistics, he decided to insert Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers into the conversation.

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