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Mosher: Mike Kafka Winning The Backup QB Battle


While the reality is that the backup QB job is not likely to be won or lost in a no-pads, voluntary camp in May, the race is certainly on. And according to Geoff Mosher, Mike Kafka is the clear leader.

The persistent struggles of Edwards to find receivers with crisp passes, even in offense-only drills with no defense to obstruct him, coupled with an apparently stronger and more accurate arm from Kafka, sent a clear message about which horse is leading the backup race.

It’s Kafka, by a mile.

Any Reid confirmed that Kafka had indeed taken the most snaps of any of the prospective backup QBs. In fact, Mosher says that even rookie Nick Foles has been more impressive than Trent Edwards.

"I think he’s getting used to the offense and everything else," said Reid of Edwards. "He’s a veteran player and he’s been through it before. Every day he gets a little bit better and more comfortable."

Now, it won't be good news that if by August Mike Kafka is simply winning the battle default... but if he's flat out playing better than Edwards that is a good sign for him. This is exactly what we were hoping to see from Kafka in our "Make it or break it" year post about him. This is a win or go home scenario for the 3rd year man. Nick Foles is going to be the 3rd QB, so if Kafka doesn't grab that 2nd QB job he's going to be cut.

Hopefully we'll continue to see improvement from him throughout the summer, because he's not just competing against Edwards. He's really competing against every other QB that might be cut around the NFL. If Kafka struggles in preseason and a team like say, Miami cuts a guy like David Garrard or Matt Moore, the Eagles could very well drop Kafka in favor of one of them this year.

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