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The Linc - Casey Matthews Bulks Up, Hits Reset

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A Year Later, Matthews Looks to Learn
Early in the 2012 offseason, Eagles strength coach Barry Rubin started working to get the 2011 fourth-round pick from Oregon up to 250 pounds, from 232, to give him more strength for grappling with linemen.

Philadelphia Eagles DB Nnamdi Asomugha Speaks About Feeling Comfortable Within The Defense After Day 2 Of OTAs - SB Nation Philly
"I think it's huge," he said. "I think the comfort level is huge just knowing who your teammates are, just going into practice as opposed to going into games and not really knowing - obviously you know a guy's name, but not really knowing how they play. So I know these guys now, I know them much better, they know me, so we know what works and what doesn't work."

Humbled Philadelphia Eagles put 'Dream Team' in past -
The Philadelphia Eagles never asked for the "Dream Team" label. The doomed nickname was the product of an ill-fated riff from backup quarterback Vince Young on the heels of a free-agency shopping spree that colored the team as a Super Bowl contender.

DeSean Jackson, Eagles eager to put nightmare year in rearview -
Michael Vick couldn't believe DeSean Jackson said the diva days are behind him. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback did a double take, started laughing and then asked if he actually used the word "diva."

Former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback pleads guilty to not filing federal income tax |
Former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback William James has admitted to not filing his federal income tax returns, according to attorney Paul Fishman.

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