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Mel Kiper Sees Mychal Kendricks As An Impact Rookie


ESPN's Todd McShay released his predictions for "impact" rookies from this draft earlier in the week. Now, Kiper gets his shot. Mel focused only on 2nd and 3rd round picks. Like McShay, he loves the pick of Kendricks.

LB Mychal Kendricks, Eagles
The Eagles were a train wreck up the middle last year. They added Fletcher Cox in the first round, and can now pair Kendricks with DeMeco Ryans at linebacker, with Kendricks jumping in on the strong side. Kendricks can fly along the line of scrimmage and chase down the run, and he is an ace on third down because he can run with backs and tight ends.

If all the plaudits from the ESPN draft guys turn out to be justified, Kendricks will end up being the first good LB the Eagles have drafted since what? Jeremiah Trotter? A season of Stewart Bradley?

While its nice to see that the national media likes Kendricks, regular BGN readers were high on this guy well before he ever become an Eagle.

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