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The Linc - Marshall Faulk Is Not An Eagles Fan

40 burger. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
40 burger. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Getty Images

2012 Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Review: They're Doing It Again - SB Nation Philly
In honor of the rookie minicamp that took place over the weekend, Dan Klausner decided this would be a good time to review the Eagles' 2012 offseason -- one which will prove pivotal to the future of the Andy Reid era

Faulk: Eagles won't make playoffs in 2012
On’s "NFL Total Access", former NFL running back Marshall Faulk and former NFL defensive lineman Warren Sapp discussed the Eagles' 2012 playoff chances.

Here's hoping this prediction is as good as Faulk's prediction that the Rams would score a "40 burger" on the Eagles in week one of last season.

Receiver Demaris Johnson among players with baggage getting break from Eagles
Demaris Johnson looks like he might be able to run away from anything. But there is no running away from security cameras, or from a felony embezzlement charge.

Cosell Talks: 2012 NFL Draft Post-Mortem 2 : NFL Films Blog
There’s only one way to evaluate a team’s draft immediately after it happens, before the draftees have taken a snap on Sunday: Heading into the draft, how did you project each player’s transition to the NFL? Based on my film study, the Eagles’ brain trust (led by Howie Roseman and Andy Reid) did an outstanding job

Law school or the NFL? Ohio State linebacker chooses torts over tackles | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Given today's economy, any recent college grad would consider themselves lucky to have two viable options. Andrew Sweat, former linebacker at Ohio State, does have two options, and he's choosing to be a 1L instead of an LB.

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