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Eagles 7th Round Pick Bryce Brown Speaks


As anyone who reads the blog knows, I've been fascinated by the Eagles selection of RB Bryce Brown. Usually you see guys that are good college players become busts in the NFL. The Eagles are trying to make the opposite come true with Brown. So when he spoke to the media after last weekend's minicamp, I was interested.

He was first asked how appreciative he was for the chance to play in the NFL given what happened in college?

"Definitely. It's been a humbling experience. If I had to go back and change one thing, I wouldn't change anything. What I went through is what I had to go through as a person to help me out. I think it has, like you said, [helped me to] appreciate the game more."

I know that "I wouldn't change anything" is a cliche people like to say, but perhaps Brown shouldn't. You did quit on two different teams and violate recruiting rules with another. Maybe you'd like to change at least one or maybe two of those things?

He was also asked how much he knew about the Eagles before the draft?

"I know there's a lot of talent over here, but I haven't watched much NFL football. I'm a players guy, and I always rooted for certain players. I was never big on any organizations, and I always worried about and looked up to certain players. I liked Reggie Bush, Barry Sanders being from my hometown - just anybody who was able to make plays and was a threat to use their versatility to make things happen."

So he hasn't really played football in 2 years and hasn't watched it either. Nice. I'm hoping that his specifying "NFL" football he means that he did at least watch some college ball.

All that said, I really don't dislike the pick. I don't entirely get it, but like many here I'm intrigued by Brown. And to be fair, he does not come off as entitled and is generally quite humble in his manner.

"I just want to help out any way I can, wherever that's at and whatever coaches calls on me to do. If they think I can be a big part of the offense and a part of things, then I'll take on that responsibility. If not, I'll just wait until it's my time and keep working hard."

Of course, actions do speak louder than words and so far his actions scream "TOTAL HEADCASE! WASTE OF TALENT!"

Thanks to Howie Roseman and & Andy Reid though, he's got one more chance to show some better actions.

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