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Jason Peters Re-Injures His Achillies

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An accident at home has led to Jason Peters tearing his Achilles again, ending whatever hopes he may have had to play this season. The 340 pound tackle was in his house using a roll about (this thing), to help him get around as he was literally just weeks after having surgery to repair a torn Achilles. The device broke, Peters fell to the ground and his freshly repaired Achilles was re-injured.

Obviously the Achillies was in a fragile state only weeks after surgery, so the fact that it ruptured again when a 340 pound guy fell it on is not exactly a shock. That said, this is one of those stories that you just can't help but wince at and feel bad for Peters. It had to be a pretty miserable moment. Derrick Gunn reports that he plans to sue the manufacturer of the device.

For Peters, I don't know that this changes all that much. He was a long shot to every be ready to play this year anyway, so it seems like a second surgery should still leave him ample time to be ready for the start of 2013. I can't say as though I know whether the second tear is any worse, but we're not going to know until next year. He reportedly already had the surgery and in all it has set his recovery back three weeks.

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