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Osi Umenyiora and his team of comedy writers call LeSean McCoy a woman


Ooooh, ho ho... YES! I get it! It's funny because it's Mothers Day and Osi is wishing him a Happy Mother's Day and it's funny because he's calling LeSean McCoy a woman when he's really a man. Ohhh, ho ho!!! It's funny!

(Breaking character)...

20 touchdowns and probably one of the 3 best running backs in the game, but whatever. Even playing for a team that won its second championship in 5 years, Osi is proving once more how badly McCoy got under his skin last offseason. And why did LeSean get under his skin? Because his statements were truthful. Osi IS the 3rd best D lineman on his team. And he IS kinda soft.

Ignoring any sort of Giants-Eagles rivalry here and speaking solely from the standpoint of snappy comebacks, if you're going to wait a year to renew this trash talk, can't you do a little better than "Happy Mother's Day, LeSean?" I mean... If you're going to throw out weak insults that don't make any sense, why not just call LeSean fat while you're at it?

Osi has been begging for a new deal for the past... what... 3 or 4 years? Prediction: Shady gets his mega-deal before Osi.

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