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Greg Lewis Is The Newest Eagles Coaching Intern

One of the cool things that Andy Reid has always done is bring back former players as coaching interns to give them some experience. Certain guys like Mike Caldwell, Mike Zordich and Doug Peterson have actually gotten hired as a result.

This year, Andy has Greg Lewis in camp as a coaching intern working with the WRs. I was always a fan of Lewis, who turned himself from a undrafted free agent to a decent WR with a 7 year NFL career. Lewis was never a starting type guy, but he had some big games and has been involved in a couple famous moments. The most famous is probably his TD catch in the 2004 Super Bowl, but you may also remember that unbelievable game winning catch of a Brett Favre pass to help the Vikings beat 49ers in 2009. That was voted as the play of the year in the NFL for 2009.

As far as an example of what working hard can get you and how to wring every ounce out of the talent you have... I think Greg Lewis makes a pretty example for the young guys.

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