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Vegas Seems To Like The Eagles This Year

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A company that frankly I've never heard of, Cantor Gaming, released an early list of NFL spreads for the 2012 season and they like the Eagles this season. Or more, specifically, they think bettors will like the Eagles this season.

They've got the Eagles favored in all but two games this season, at Pittsburgh and at New Orleans. Even those games aren't huge spreads. The Steelers are favored by just a point and New Orleans is -2.5. Both within that that 3 point home advantage window.

The biggest spreads are week at the Browns where the Eagles are 7 points favorites, they're 6.5 point favorites in week 8 against Atlanta, 7 point favorites against Carolina & Cincinnati and 9 point favorites against the Redskins in week 16.

The only game they did not handicap was the week 17 game against the Giants because they think its too early to do that. Not too early for the other 15 games though...

Really this doesn't mean a lot. The Eagles were favored in nearly every game last year, even as they were 4-8. has also released odds for the respective divisions and the Eagles are the favorites to take the NFC East even over the defending champion Giants.

Eagles +140
Giants +200
Cowboys +200
Redskins +1200

I don't really even think that's a controversial pick either. The Giants are not a particularly good or scary regular season team. If they went 8-8 or 9-7 this year, would anyone be surprised? Then again, if they did sneak into the playoffs again, would anyone be surprised to see them win another title? Probably not.

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