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2012 BGN Community Mock Draft Pick #16: The New York Jets

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With the sixteenth pick in the 2012 BGN Community Mock Draft, rohan915 selects...

Mark Barron: S, Alabama

The Jets have numerous holes on their team. They need WR, OLB, RB, and S. Despite all these holes, the Jets picked up an injury prone safety (LaRon Landry) and the second coming of Christ (Tim Tebow.) I initially had the Jets either pick up Michael Floyd or Courtney Upshaw. If the Jets want to stay close to the Patriots they need another playmaking WR beside Santonio Holmes and a good pass rusher. However I don't see a serious WR to pick up at 16 and this draft is very deep with pass rushers. So I decided to go with the best safety in the draft, Mark Barron.

The Jets as of now only have Eric Smith and LaRon Landry. Eric Smith is terrible and LaRon is an injury risk. Many people will argue that Mark Barron is a bit of a reach at 16, and that he's just overhyped because of a weak safety class. However, based on the Jets real need for a safety and that there is no other player I would pick for the Jets at 16 (maybe Brockers), Barron seems like a good fit at 16.

Barron was a huge part of Alabama's devastating defense. He is known to be extremely physical and could be counted upon to prevent the big play. He did well enough to be named All-American in 2011. While he may have ok speed, he is a high-percentage tackler. As the Eagles saw last year, having a sure tackler on a team is very important. He can be considered a ball hawk.

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According to CBSSports " Reads the quarterback's eyes and does a nice job of breaking on the throw. Good acceleration and straight-line speed. Very good ball skills for the position. Generally times his leaps well and has good hand-eye coordination to make the difficult grab. Good vision and natural running skills with the football."

Barron has some cons though. He has a history of injuries, the most recent of which prevented him from performing at the Scouting Combine or Alabama's first Pro day. He also was arrested in March 2011 for charges of hindering prosecution. Another con that I mentioned earlier is that the reason for is hype is more in part that the safety class for this years draft is very shallow. In my opinion I think he can be a solid starter. He seems to be able to read routes well and can play against the run.

The Jets need someone right now who can come onto the field and play, Mark Barron definitely fits the bill.


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