Will Demetress Bell Be Trade Bait 2013....Or Jason Peters?

[Note by JasonB, 04/08/12 3:20 PM EDT ] w-w-jj-d offers a counterpoint to my earlier article about Demetress Bell being trade bait after this year.


Jason Peters as trade bait makes about as much sense as Bell, maybe even moreso. Sure Jason Peters is a leader and fan favorite, but leadership and fandom don't mean squat in the NFL if the F.O. sees value in flipping you. Although Peters' is coming off an injury, his value will still be as high as any OT on the market, and if a team buys that he's healthy, he might even be the most valuable. From an age/injury perspective, he's exactly the type of player at the age and condition that the Eagles tend to jettison.

He'll be 31 by the time he's healthy enough to contribute to an O-line. I believe that he's still a beast, but a "dinged-up" tag will follow for him the rest of his career. Agents/F.O.'s will look at him like a dented can of soup and like a dented can of soup...he's still good enough to sell, but something's coming off the price. Which could make Peter's an appealing target to a OL depleted team. Another factor is Demetress Bell himself. His contract is cheap and flexible. If he plays well this year in Peters' stead, he'll be the cheaper, younger, talented option. It usually doesn't end well for a vet when the C.Y.T. shows up.

A player with high market value and negative age/injury factors is the exact make and model of the car that Roseman and Banner tend to drive around the league. Granted, there's a lot of open questions left to be answered. What happens if Bell proves in 2012 that he's over his injury and/or Peters isn't making the kind of progress that the Eagles' coaches would like to see ? What about the inverse? Would the players revolt at the mention of losing (arguably) the best player on the team? I'm not saying that the Eagles should part ways with Jason Peters, I would be sorry to see him go, I'm just saying that I can see where they could. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to this F.O.