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Joe Avezzano, Long Time Cowboys Coach, Dies

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There's no way that this face is not familiar to Eagles fans. Joe Avezzano, who coached the Cowboys special teams for 12 years, was a favorite of whatever network happened to be covering a Cowboys game because at any given moment he was likely to be on the sideline screaming his face off and making a big deal out of whatever call was just made.

I certainly grew to hate the guy after seeing face during every Eagles vs Cowboys game... But of course, that's "football" hate, not real hate. In reality, Avezzano was a very good coach and certainly the kind of fiery personality most fanbases would have like to have seen on their staff.

Unfortunately, Avezzano died of a heart attack today at 68 years old.

He was in Italy, working as the head coach of the Milano Seamen of the Italian Football League (no, none of that is a joke).

"Joe Avezzano was a very special part of our Dallas Cowboys family and our organization's history. He was also a wonderful father, husband and friend," Jerry Jones said in a statement. "No one enjoyed life more than Joe, and no one that I know had a greater appreciation for the people that he loved and the lives that he touched. We grieve with Diann and Tony and the thousands of fans who loved Coach Joe. He was an original. There was no one else like him."