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The Linc - Was LeSean McCoy Overplayed Last Year?

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Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy was 'overplayed' last year -
At 23 years old, should LeSean McCoy be watching how many carries he gets per game? Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid says he thinks he probably 'overplayed' the star running back last season.

Didinger: Eagles keep it simple in 2012 draft
For a team with a well-documented history of whiffing on defensive players in the draft, the Eagles appear to have done very well this year.

Bob Ford: Is Foles the one, or just another QB for the Eagles to flip?
If Reid were a real estate agent and quarterbacks were houses, he would be a "flipper," able to take undervalued properties, shine them up, add some curb appeal, and put them back on the market.

32 Picks, 32 Implications: The First Round in Review |
The Eagles actually had some impressive play from their DTs last season, but they lost a lot of depth in free agency, presumably focusing on the draft and believing they could better replace that production with youth. They have done exactly that with Fletcher Cox, who should be able to start in their DT rotation and become a legitimate presence inside. Cullen Jenkins is at his best when he doesn’t have to start and play on early downs, and Cox may allow the Eagles that flexibility. Cox also has the versatility to allow the Eagles to experiment with him at end on early downs, perhaps removing the plays where Jason Babin is picked on against the run and freeing Babin up to simply rush the passer when he is on the field.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
No one is comfortable questioning Bill Belichick’s judgment, but a couple front office men wondered about the Patriots’ second and third round picks. One personnel man said his team had safety Tavon Wilson, the Pats’ second round pick, ranked as a seventh round pick, and defensive end Jake Bequette, the Patriots’ third rounder, ranked as a free agent

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