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2012 NFL Draft: Eagles Trade Up, Select DT Fletcher Cox

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As the top ten saw a wild flurry of trades, the Eagles sat back back and waited... When the 12th pick came up, they pounced and got their man. Mississippi DT Fletcher Cox has been rumored to be an Eagles target for virtually the entire draft process, he's been mocked to them hundreds of times and now it is a reality.

Jim Washburn has been known to be enamored with the athletic DT, who should be a perfect fit in his wide 9 scheme. Washburn personally worked out Cox earlier in this offseason.

Cox is 6-4, 298 and runs a sub 4.79 40. He's an elite athlete and displayed some very impressive pass rush skills as last season progressed. He is a not a big, stuff the middle type guy. This is a penetrator that gets into the backfield as often and as quickly as any DT in the country.

He is still considered raw and may take some time to develop, but he has the potential to be a cornerstone of this defense for years.

To get up to #12, the Eagles traded #114 (4th round) and #172 (6th round)

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