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Mike Mayock Is High On Florida Intl WR TY Hilton

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The Eagles hosted Florida International KR/WR T.Y. Hilton last week and it just so happens that his name came up in Mike Mayock's draft chat from Thursday. I was surprised to find that he's actually quite high on Hilton.

He's really an exciting player because he's one of those guys that's not just quick, but fast. He ran in the 4:30s on his pro day and very quick with the ball in hand and added value in the return game. So when you add all those things up, I think he's going to be a late two to a mid three. He's going to be a return specialist. He's dangerous with the ball in his hand. Some teams will look at him as a slot receiver because he's so darned quick but I don't think you can lump him in there and say he's just a slot and return specialist, because he also has long speed. But give him a chance to earn a spot outside, because there's some value there, but ultimately, he's going to be, I think, one of the better inside receivers in the game along with a return specialist.

If it would take a late 2nd or early third round pick, would you take Hilton as high as #51 to ensure to the Eagles got him?

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