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Ryan Tannehill: "I Really Don't Know Why" Eagles Are Holding Workout

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The Eagles have sent a contingent of scouts down to College Station for a private workout with QB Ryan Tannehill today, according to Sports Illustrated's Peter King. But why exactly are they down there? Tannehill isn't quite sure.

"I don't really know why,'' Tannehill said Saturday night. "I'll just get ready to throw for them and do my best.''

Well, obviously they are there to scout you. Whether that's with an eye toward drafting him, or just to do due diligence is certainly still a mystery. King favors the latter reason.

Fact is, this is the time of year -- 24 days before Round 1 -- when teams buzz from town to town to get their drafting ducks in a row. The Eagles working out Tannehill could just be Philly doing its due diligence on a good player. That's what it probably is. But with the Eagles and quarterbacks, you never know. It could be more. The Eagles wouldn't seem to have a quarterback need, with Michael Vick set to play the season at 32, and the Eagles wouldn't seem to have the ammo to move up from their 15th spot in the first round -- without including their 2013 first-rounder -- to get their talons on a quarterback who might be picked as high as fourth (by Cleveland).

At this point, If Tannehill does get by Cleveland, he almost certainly won't get by Miami at #8. So it certainly would seem unlikely that the Eagles are that desperate for a QB, specifically Tannehill, to get up into the top 3-7 picks in order to take him.

The Eagles are set to play the Browns this season, so at the very least they'll have a chance to get an up close look at a guy they very possibly may be facing in 2012.