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Mike Mayock Thinks The Eagles Will Only Trade Up For Mark Barron

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Mike Mayock held an epic 90+ minute conference call with reporters to answer questions about the upcoming NFL draft. One of those questions was about the Eagles possibly trading up for the likes of Ryan Tannehill or, as recent reports suggested, Fletcher Cox.

Mayock said that he believes the only reason the Eagles would trade up would be to get Alabama S Mark Barron.

I've said before that I'd be surprised to see the Eagles spend another high pick on a safety before ever getting a real chance to take a look at Jaiquwan Jarrett. Then again, the Eagles know a lot more about him than we do, so maybe they already don't think the guy can be a starter. I would think a pick of Barron would be a good indication of that.

Speaking Barron, he seems to be one of the more quietly controversial prospects. Some see the guy as a real difference maker that deserves to be a top 15 pick, while other draftniks see him as the best of a weak safety class and have pegged him as a late 1st/2nd round guy. Here is our draft guy Dan Kadar's final impression of Barron.

Barron has nice strength, on-field intelligence and three years of starting experience on the nation's best defense. Although no area of Barron's game is elite, he's fair and away the best safety in the 2012 NFL Draft. He should be able to contribute in the NFL immediately at strong safety. Has had some injury issues. Missed the NFL Combine with a sports hernia. Tore a pectoral muscle in 2010, which knocked him out of the team's bowl game.

Even guys who really like Barron seem to concede that he's just solid all around, rather than exceptional. Not that there's anything wrong with a solid all around safety. If that's what he was in the NFL, I'm pretty sure we'd all happily take that. But do you trade up from #15 for "solid?"

That's a question the Eagles will have to answer.

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