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The Linc - Jamar Chaney Is Flyer'd Up

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Via <a href="!/Jamar51Chaney/status/191597291377926145/photo/1" target="new">@Jamar51Chaney</a>
Via @Jamar51Chaney

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " What About Us?
The Eagles should get Michael Floyd to be the big WR. And Mark Barron to play SS. And any number of guys to be the backup RB. To that, Riley Cooper, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Kurt Coleman, and Dion Lewis all say "What about us?".

Asante, LeSean at first day of workouts
Despite being the subject of trade rumors, Asante Samuel was at the NovaCare Complex for the first day of the Eagles' off-season workout program. Also in attendance was running back LeSean McCoy, who could be a potential training camp holdout if the Eagles don't extend his rookie contract.

Birds' Chaney Finds Flyers-Pens Riveting
"No matter the sport, this was the best game I ever attend(ed) as a fan," Chaney tweeted Sunday. "Crazy atmosphere."

Eagles' Vick speaks out against cockfighting
Michael Vick continued to speak out against animal cruelty, this time targeting cockfighting.

The best part of Warren Sapp's legacy is gone, along with his fortune - Tampa Bay Times
Bucs great Warren Sapp wasted a lot of potential good will and now seems to have frittered away a fortune. Gone. All of it, gone.

Kolb wishes Whisenhunt had told him of Cardinals’ interest in Peyton | ProFootballTalk
Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb knows the NFL is a business, and that it’s a business in which you can lose your job if someone who’s better at your job becomes available. So Kolb says he has no hard feelings about the team’s pursuit of Peyton Manning last month. What Kolb doesn’t feel great about, however, is that he didn’t hear about the Cardinals’ interest directly from head coach Ken Whisenhunt