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2012 BGN Community Mock Draft Pick #22: The Cleveland Browns

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With the twenty-second pick in the 2012 BGN Community Mock Draft, drc242 selects...

Stephen Hill: WR, Georgia Tech

With the Browns selecting Richardson 4th overall, the Browns biggest need is a WR and Stephen Hill is the only wideout left on the board who is worth taking with the 22nd pick. Anyone who has seen a Browns game in the last year can plainly see the receiving core is one of the worst in the league and needs a major upgrade. Fact of the matter is the Browns only have two receivers (including TE's and RB's) in the Top 100 in both receptions and receiving yardage. At 6'4", 215 lbs, and with a 4.34 40 yd dash, Stephen Hill can be a solid contributor from day one for Cleveland, and can really help in the development of Colt McCoy.

The big thing driving this pick is the selection of Richardson 4th overall,and if the Browns selected Blackmon instead, this pick would be best used on the o-line, most likely Jonathan Martin, or Mike Adams out of Stanford and Ohio State respectively. The Browns have a major hole at RT and either of these guys would be a huge upgrade from the start. I could also see Cordy Glenn out of Georgia because of his versatility in being able to play guard or tackle.

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The final factor for me choosing Hill was consulting with Dawgs by Nature. In a poll I ran over there 60% of the respondents said WR was the biggest need going into the draft, and although there was a lot of debate over Stephen Hill or Kendall Wright there was a large consensus that in this scenario Hill was the only reasonable player to be picked. Additionally in their fan's big board, Hill is the highest ranked player available, so I feel like this is a pick that would not only be great for the team, but be supported by the fan base as well.

While Hill will need time to develop as a WR due to his playing in a triple option offense, he should be able to use his athleticism extremely well in the start of his career. I see Stephen Hill as a bigger, and stronger DeSean Jackson, which could make him one of the elite receivers in the NFL. I also think that Hill's ability to block goes unnoticed among fans. While he is no Hines Ward, the benefit of him playing in a triple option offense means that blocking was almost more important that his route running, and playing in the AFC North this a great thing to have.

As I said before Georgia Tech's offense really skewed his production so I don't put much stock in there is an issue that he only has caught 49 passes in his collegiate career, or the fact that he averaged 29.3 yds per catch his last year (since whenever he was thrown to it was almost always single coverage with no safety in sight), but you can see from video that he does do a great job of getting playing the ball in the air and coming up with the ball in traffic. His lack of production was more due to the system rather then effort, so I don't see any real flags there.

Hill will be an immediate upgrade at a position that has killed the Browns the last few years, and can be a major step on the road to no longer being a laughing stock in the NFL. With Trent Richardson and Stephen Hill, the Browns will have two phenomenal players on offense for the next decade, and this will allow them to focus on defense and o-line for the rest of this draft.


Next on the clock will be trinityeagle with the Detroit Lions.

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