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Chances Of Eagles Trading Up To #4 "Slim To None" Says Roob

Updating our previous story that the Cleveland Plain-Dealer was reporting that the Eagles were "believed to be interested" in trading up with the Browns for the #4 overall pick... CSNPhilly's Ruben Frank spoke to an Eagles source who all but quashed the rumor.

As always, you really have to look at who is motivated to "leak" news like this. In this case, it's clearly not the Eagles. The Browns, on the other hand, have every reason to give the impression that there's a lot of interest in the #4 overall pick.

As we know, there are pretty close ties between the Eagles and Browns. The man with final say is Andy Reid's friend and mentor Mike Holmgren, while their GM is former Eagles GM tom Heckert. They've done a number of deals together already. So it stands to reason they've talked about a lot of things and the Browns are happy to let others know that.

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