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Andy Reid's Nice Way Of Ushering Vince Young Out Of Town

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Why won't Vince Young be an Eagle next year? Well, Vince says it's because Andy Reid thinks he just too good to be a backup.

"One of the biggest things there was I asked Andy, ‘could I be part of the team again?' He was like ‘I would love for you to stay here but you're not a backup quarterback' so when I heard the big guy, big red, say that it showed me more confidence and more respect that he had for me when he said he wanted to see me somewhere playing. I can truly understand that and they wanted to give Mike Kafka a little more of a chance to go out and compete and backup up Mike Vick but basically he didn't see me backing up again. He felt like I should be starting somewhere and playing so that's just the respect he had for me and saw the hard work that I put in to get better as quarterback last year with those guys."

That was a very nice thing of you to say Andy... Whether you actually believe it or not.

You can read Vince Young's full interview on a Houston radio station here.

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