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2012 NFL Draft: Todd McShay Lays Out Eagles Draft Scenarios

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ESPN's Todd McShay released his latest mock draft, but it's a little different than usual. Rather than making one pick, he's laid different scenarios for each that would have different players available. For the Eagles, he's got three different possibilities.

Scenario 1: The Eagles would love to see Riley Reiff slip to them here, but that won't happen.

Scenario 2: Mark Barron fills one of Philadelphia's top three needs, and the Eagles have lacked a do-everything, physical presence at safety since Brian Dawkins left town.

Scenario 3: Find a way to get a defensive tackle. The Eagles would like it if Fletcher Cox were available but might look for a more proven commodity at other positions if Brockers is the top tackle on the board. With Barron, Reiff, Cox and Dontari Poe gone in this scenario, that could mean trading back and bringing in a player such as Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy while also adding extra picks.

Scenario 4: Don't rule out Luke Kuechly if he should fall this far. Yes, Philadelphia brought in ILB DeMeco Ryans via trade, but Kuechly might be too good to pass and has the ability to move to the outside.

I don't really agree with 1 or 2, but I'm down for 3 & 4.