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Redskins Trade For #2 Overall Pick According To Report

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Get ready to start rooting against this guy. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Get ready to start rooting against this guy. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
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Jay Glazer is reporting that the Redskins and Rams have agreed to a deal for the #2 overall pick in the 2012 draft. This ostensibly means that Robert Griffin III is a Redskin.

But wait until you hear what they gave up.

According to Glazer, the Redskins will send three first round picks and a second round pick to the Rams. Now, they get a first round pick in return, which means the net is two firsts and a second. Either way you slice it, the Rams got one of the great hauls in draft history.

Having said that, if RG3 is what many people expect it just might be worth it for Washington. That's a team that hasn't had a viable QB since... can anyone even remember? A franchise QB is the hardest thing in the NFL to get. So if you've got a shot at one, you should go all out. Now, I don't know that anyone has ever gone this all out... but the Skins are desperate and this time they're desperate for the right thing. Some will say this is typical Redskins, typical Dan Snyder... but I don't really agree.

This does heap a lot of extra pressure on RG3. If he's anything less than a superstar, this trade will be an unmitigated disaster. Of course, the Redskins wouldn't have pulled the trigger on the deal if they didn't think he had superstar ability. If he does live up to that billing... we'll probably say it was worth it.

Of course, now the Skins will be tasked with building a team around him without the ability to stock themselves with top level, cheap young talent... Now that's typical Redskins!