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Happy Trails Brandon Jacobs, Everyone On The Colts

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According to's Jason La Canfora, the Giants are set to release RB Brandon Jacobs. I'll be sad to see him go as most of the time he touched the ball, it was a wasted down for the Giants. I'll certainly miss the Giants running him on sweeps that he's far too slow to get anything out of. Who doesn't want to see him take a stupid penalty against us again? These are the type of things we're losing.

More than anything, it sucks to see someone so hateable gone from a rival. Jacobs is a genuine douchebag. He tries to fight opposing coaches, calls out the wives of opposing players, throws his helmet at fans when he's upset.

He's one of the biggest babies in the NFL... and we're losing him. Hopefully the Cowboys pick him up, his propensity to celebrate any 2 yard gain like he scored a TD will make him a nice fit there. It's something they've missed since they let Marion Barber walk.

Speaking of cutting players... the Colts have let most of their team go. In addition to Peyton Manning, they announced the release today of RB Joseph Addai, LB Gary Brackett, DB Melvin Bullitt, TE Dallas Clark & QB Curtis Painter. In addition, they're reportedly looking to trade Dwight Freeney. Add in the fact that Reggie Wayne is all but certain to leave in free agency and the Colts team we've known for almost a decade is gone.