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The Linc - Michael Vick Assumed Bounties Out On Him

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Could the Eagles Dump Michael Vick for Peyton Manning? | The Philly Post
Don't believe the sports radio ranting for a second. The Eagles are not likely to bump Michael Vick anytime soon.

As Peyton moves on, who remains a franchise icon?
You know it’s a big deal when an athlete and team part ways when people in other towns get emotional, and that’s what we saw Wednesday when the Colts made it official and released Peyton Manning.

Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw undergoes 'procedure' to help stress fracture in foot |
Team says it's 'not surgery' but short on details

Who Needs A Stud Corner?
Hi, this is Vince from the Sham-Wow commercials. Tommy asked me to stop by and help him make a sale. I asked what the product was and he said "Asante Samuel". I said "What!!!! You don’t need me. Asante sells himself."

Michael Vick Isn’t Bothered At All About Bounties | GCOBB.COM
"It’s a compliment if anything, they don’t want you out there, you’re too good, if you stay out there they’re going to beat you. And I think for the most part it never really happens. You put a bounty on a player, you may hit him once or twice, he’ll bounce back up and nine times out of ten he’ll finish the game. Because the things that I seen that happened to Brett Favre, if (Brett) Favre was able to get up, he’ll finish the game and I think for the most part he did. So, I won’t touch on it, but, don’t take the fun out of the game". "I’ve been told plenty of times that there’s been bounties out on me. I won’t say what teams because it’s not important and there will be probably 13 bounties out on me out of the 16 games that we play this year, so, it’s all fun. It’s all a part of the game and I just have to dodge those guys and make them play harder".

Pittsgrove Township schools staff to play Philadelphia Eagles in charity basketball game |
Dobson Turf Management and the Schalick High School Track Booster Club will be sponsoring a basketball game featuring the staff of Pittsgrove Township schools against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles tentatively scheduled to play are Brent Celek, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant and Todd Herremans.