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Were The Eagles Wrong To Trade Brodrick Bunkley?

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Brodrick Bunkley wasn't a bust of a first round pick, but the general view of him was that he never quite lived up to his 14th overall pick billing. Although a large part of that sentiment was due to the fact that he was advertised as a great pass rusher and penetrator and simply never developed into that. He was, however, a better run stopper than anyone expected him to be.

In fact, last year, according to Pro Football Focus, he was the best. Using their run stop% stat (which you can read more about) Bunkley was ranked #1 in terms of stopping the run amongst interior D-lineman.

That said, his replacement wasn't too shabby. Cullen Jenkins, who is the kind of pass rusher and penetrator that Bunkley never became, ranked #4 against the run. That certainly has to make an Eagle fan wonder what a line with both of those two in the middle would have performed against the run? Probably pretty good and it likely would have taken quite a bit of pressure off the young LB corps.

As with all of these PFF stats, I always find the worst guys more interesting than the best. Among the bottom 10 in terms of run stops is Tommy Kelly, who the Raiders famously gave a $50+ million deal to on the eve of free agency in 2008. At the time, he was the highest paid DT in NFL history.

But the most surprising name is BJ Raji, who came in dead last among players with at least 200 run snaps. And he actually made the Pro Bowl last year, which should tell you something about the Pro Bowl...