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Jason Babin Encourages DeSean Jackson, Fans Don't Like It

Upon the hearing the news that DeSean Jackson was given the franchise tag, Jason Babin tweeted to him "Hang in there." Not that Jackson was complaining, but Babin felt that he wanted to offer the words of encouragement because he knows DeSean would prefer a long term deal.

"I just said hang in there." Babin told WIP. "Obviously he wants one [ a long term contract]. I'm assuming. Maybe I am wrong. I'm assuming he wants the long term deal. He didn't get it. He just has to hang in there. Just do your thing and it'll all work out. I am a firm believer in you go out there and ball out the first six or seven weeks. The media is going to be the one saying that and not DeSean."

Fans on twitter, didn't take it well. They took it as him consoling Jackson for his misfortune in only getting $9.4 million. That's certainly not something anyone is going to have much sympathy for, especially these days. Again, not that DeSean was asking for it. But Babin said he didn't mean it that way.

"It was only meant as words of encouragement. [Host: People took it as?] Like oh $9.4 million? No one needs that much. Oh yeah that's enough money. Really...obviously money is a part of it, but when you get to this level and you get those big contracts it's kind of like a status symbol. You are kind of revered by your peers, people, media and the fans. When you don't get that contract sometimes you don't have that notch on your belt."

I actually have no problem with Babin's sentiment. Fact is that those guys are in a different world than us. But that said... if you want to offer words of encouragement to Jackson, send him a text. Tell him next you see him in the locker room. We don't all need to see it. At least have some awareness about what you fans might think.

Read the full interview on SRI.

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