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The Linc - Peyton Manning Sweepstakes Is Underway

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Didinger: Eagles should pursue Peyton
Peyton Manning and the Colts officially parted ways after 14 seasons on Wednesday. Should the Eagles go after him? Ray Didinger says yes.

Peyton Manning: Redskins poised for a hard sell to superstar QB [updated] - The Insider - The Washington Post
The Washington Redskins are poised to make an aggressive effort in coming days to sign quarterback Peyton Manning, who became perhaps the highest-profile free agent in NFL history with the announcement of his release by the Indianapolis Colts Wednesday.

Are signs pointing to a soft free agent market? | National Football Post
With no mandatory spending requirements this year, teams may wait longer to sign "value free agents".

The writer of 'Sh*t My Dad Says' on why your team doesn't give a damn about you - Grantland
The writer of Sh*t My Dad Says on Exhibit A: The Chargers.

1989 Eagles recall original Bounty Bowl
AS WORD has spread that New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams paid his players bonuses if they took out the opposition - which is to say, injuring them with intent - it came as no surprise to Eagles fans of a certain age. The so-called "Bounty Bowl" between the Eagles and Cowboys in 1989 has become a staple of team lore.