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Odds On Where Peyton Manning Plays In 2012

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The Colts officially released Peyton Manning today after 14 seasons, 4 MVP awards, 11 Pro Bowls and one Super Bowl title. This is one of the top five QBs to ever play the game and he's an unrestricted free agent. It's a huge thing to happen, although not really unprecedented. We can't forget that Joe Montana finished his career as a Chief, Reggie White as a Panther, Emmit Smith as a Cardinal...

At 35, Manning shouldn't be done. However, his health will obviously be the major concern. He missed all of last season with a bad neck injury that reportedly limited his movement and sapped him of strength in his throwing arm. Even for a guy like Peyton Manning, it's going to be a lot to come back from.

Of course, there are odds on where he'll end up. These are from Bovada.

What team will Peyton Manning be a member of for game 1 of the 2013 Regular Season?

Miami Dolphins 2/1

Washington Redskins 13/4

Seattle Seahawks 7/2

Arizona Cardinals 7/2

New York Jets 21/4

Kansas City Chiefs 21/4

Where would you place your bet?