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The Linc - Just Like The Old Randy

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Getty Images news: Moss 'looked like the old Randy' during workout with Saints
Veteran wide receiver Randy Moss worked out for the New Orleans Saints on Tuesday -- his first since saying he was done being retired -- and the initial reports suggest it went very well. Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer took to Twitter to report that Moss lit it up during his workout in which he ran about 45 pass routes and "looked like the old Randy," according to multiple sources.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Dan Connor, Meh.
The Eagles have interest in Dan Connor, but as part of Plan B or Plan C or Plan D. He is not an offseason target. He is a contingency plan. And that’s exactly what Connor should be. He’s not so good you say "get me that guy". He is a serviceable veteran who could do the job if the better options haven’t worked out.

Marcus Hayes: Eagles need Jackson, despite immaturity
DeSean Jackson is worth the money and the occasional headache.

Former Eagle Vincent to receive Jefferson Award
Former Eagles defensive back Troy Vincent will be recognized for his off the field efforts when he receives the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Service by an Athlete on Tuesday.

FakeWIP Caller's NFL Draft Strategy
I ask the same thing I always ask the Eagles at draft time: 1) No offensive linemen, and 2) Only draft people who I've heard of.

Football Team Takes Stadium Off the Grid, Thanks Philadelphia Eagles!
NRG Energy is installing 3.25 MW of solar and micro-wind turbines for the first stadium runs solely on on-site renewables.