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Eagles Rumored To Have Interest In Dan Connor

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Geoff Mosher is reporting that the Eagles may be looking to fill their hole at LB with PA native, former Nittany Lion and current Panther Dan Connor. He cites two sources, both of which say the Eagles are interested in Connor. However, one says that he's not the guy at the top of their list.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the report is the revelation that the Eagles attempted to trade for him last season.

All sources interviewed confirmed that the Eagles were interested enough in Connor last August to approach the Panthers about a trade, but Carolina’s uncertainty regarding the health of Pro Bowl middle linebacker Jon Beason made the Panthers reluctant to pull the trigger.

Connor is only 26 with four years of NFL experience, but hasn't really played a ton nor has he ever been all that productive. He tore and ACL and missed most of his rookie year. He missed half of 2010 as well... He even missed the combine due to injuries. That said, when Jon Beason went down last year, Connor did step in and play 15 games for the Panthers. He has one career sack, one career forced fumble and has never intercepted a pass.

Is he likely to be an upgrade? Seems that way. And likely he won't even be terribly expensive. But I also wouldn't characterize this as a game changing move if it happened. It's solid, with upside as far as him realizing his potential... but also with some downside risk as far as his injury history.