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The Linc - Hollis Thomas Talks BountyGate

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Didinger: Simply no place for bounties in NFL
Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will meet with the NFL about the revelation of his bounty system and Ray Didinger expects the penalties to be heavy as there's no place for attempts to injure in the NFL.

Thomas provides insight into Saints' bounties
Former Eagle Hollis Thomas reflects on what it was like playing for defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and New Orleans and shares what he knew about the Saints bounty program.

Maybe, Eventually, a Real DJax Deal?
the Bills' Stevie Johnson agreed to a five-year, $36.25 million deal, $19.5 guaranteed, today, according to There will be other top wideout deals done, once free agency arrives March 13. I'm thinking that by April or May, there ought to be the basis for a solid, fair DeSean deal.

Mathis: "I'd like to return"
Evan Mathis wants to remain an Eagle. The Eagles left guard, who will become an unrestricted free agent on March 13, said during a Q&A via e-mail that he was under the impression the Eagles want him back, as well.

Ochocinco was urinated on by a lion and lived to tweet the tale | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Chad Ochocinco was trying to have a normal Saturday night. He went out to a party with his reality star wife and Darrelle Revis, dressed in a custom suit and Louboutins just in case he had to go straight to a 7 a.m. church service and then -- bam! -- he gets micturated on by a lion.

How will Foster, Johnson deals impact the Eagles?
Running back Arian Foster and wide receiver Stevie Johnson just got a combined $79.2 million from the Texans and Bills, respectively. What kind of money, then, might be in store for DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy?