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Eagles Sign LB Monte Simmons

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A signing! Albeit not one that is likely to excite anyone... The Eagles announced today that they've added LB Monte Simmons. The 6-3, 226 pounder from Kent State spent all of last season on the 49ers practice squad. He's only 23 and entered the league as an undrafted free agent last season.

He's mostly seen as a weakside backer as he is a bit small, but he flashed some serious pass rush ability at Kent State. He finished his career with 21.5 sacks, just shy of the school record. Looking through a few college scouting reports, most note his pass rushing ability.

But really, he'll be in the offseason camps to fill out the roster and compete. You'll see the Eagles bring in a couple of these type of guys over the course of the summer. Maybe they strike gold with one, maybe not.

That said, if you're going to pick up the scraps at LB from any team, the 49ers aren't a bad place. They're loaded at the position. While he did not make the team, he did turn a few heads in training camp for the Niners last year.

Monte Simmons was ferocious in this drill. He’s the fastest outside linebacker around the edge, and he’s also the most violent. Jim Tomsula gave him a lot of reps and was pleased with his work, giving him atta boys and pats on the butt.

Simmons is light for an outside linebacker – just 226 lbs. But he could fill a need as a situational pass rusher. He’s an undrafted rookie from Kent State, and his jersey number is 47. He’s someone to monitor throughout the preseason.