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The Linc - Franchise Tags And Safety Concerns

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Are the Eagles set at one safety position?
Are the Eagles set at one safety position? news: Franchise Season: Making sense of tags and tenders
The Eagles will play hard ball with any potential Jackson trade. With cap room available, they can bring Jackson back for the franchise number if no enticing trade options materialize. This would force the mercurial receiver to prove his worth in a potential walk year. And if he does, Jackson could earn the long-term contract he desires. By tagging Jackson, the Eagles are in full control and don't have to make a deal they don't want to make.

Safety remains a puzzle for Eagles
The Eagles are deep at cornerback, need to upgrade at linebacker and should get younger on the defensive line. But what about at safety, where the directive is much less clear?

Best of the Firsts, No. 31: Nnamdi Asomugha – Audibles
Sports Illustrated is ranking the greatest first round picks in terms of slot in NFL history.

NFL Notes: Will Redskins be penalized like Saints?
Though the New Orleans Saints are at the center of the NFL's recent probe into bounty programs, the Washington Redskins could be commissioner Roger Goodell's next target.

Cowboys’ upcoming decision to franchise Anthony Spencer shows a lack of creativity in player personnel – Blogging the bEast
After a few weeks of speculation on whether the Cowboys would slap Anthony Spencer with the franchise tag or not, it appears as though they’re finally ready to pull the trigger. The move makes almost no sense whatsoever, for a multitude of reasons