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The Linc - Eagles And DeSean Jackson Need One Another

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DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles should use franchise tag as means to deal - NFL - ESPN
The Eagles need Jackson. They are better with him than without him. He is a unique talent, a supremely fast receiver, a deep threat, a game-breaker, a difference-maker. And Jackson needs them. The offense, the system, the quarterback and the coach are perfectly suited to his talents.

NFL folks say wide-nine scheme works | Courier-Post |
he wide-nine scheme on defense that routinely draws criticism from Eagles fans isn’t gimmicky, doesn’t need adjustments and isn’t kryptonite for Super Bowl contenders. Those are the words of two people who should know at the NFL Scouting Combine

Birds will soon need to focus on Shady's contract
With all the talk about DeSean Jackson's contract, LeSean McCoy is entering the last year of his deal and the Eagles must find a way to keep the running back.

Jarrad Page trying out for L.A. Dodgers
Former Eagles safety Jarrad Page tried out for the Dodgers in an open tryout recently.

Breaking down the potential legal fallout of New Orleans Saints' bounty system - Michael McCann -
The Saints "pay for injury" model could lead to battery and conspiracy charges. Players may face tax evasion charges if they didn't report their bounty payments. The team would have cause to fire those involved without any financial obligations