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Demetrius Bell Visiting Eagles Tonight

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Jeff McLane is reporting that FA LT Demetrius Bell is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia tonight and will stay until Sunday. Bell is one of a few options the Eagles are taking a look at in hopes of replacing the injured Jason Peters.

Bell is undoubtedly talented, but has struggled to stay healthy in his career. His first season as a starter in 2009 was cut short by a knee injury, he did start all 16 games in the 2010 season, but a knee injury limited him to just 7 starts in 2011.

The injuries are probably the main reason he's visited four teams but has been yet to sign a deal. It would seem likely that Bell is looking for a multi year deal, but teams are offering one year, "prove it" deals. Given that Jason Peters should be back next season, a one year deal could be perfect here.

It's a roll of the dice for sure, but that's what the market will bear right now. Bell is entering the prime of his career and if healthy could be a very solid player, but that's a big if. Just like Marcus McNeill. He's proven a lot more than Bell, but his injury situation is potentially even more of a red flag.