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The Linc - Reaction To The Jason Peters Loss

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Eagles Offseason: Philly Is $16.2 Million Under Salary Cap - SB Nation Philly
According to Pro Football Talk, the Philadelphia Eagles are near the top of the league when it comes to cap space. So they're at least well positioned to afford a replacement for Peters if they like one.

Tackle options in the draft
The Eagles also have significant firepower in the draft, with the 15th, 46th and 51st picks, giving them the ability to move up and target a tackle if they choose and if they can find a trade partner. The problem is there are far fewer elite tackles in this year’s draft class than there were just a year ago.

Jason Kelce talks about losing Jason Peters
Jason Kelce talks about losing Jason Peters indefinitely to a ruptured Achilles.

Brian Westbrook: LeSean McCoy 'Deserves To Be Paid' - SB Nation Philly
Former Philadelphia Eagles running back, Brian Westbrook, is on record, saying that current Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy, "deserves to get paid".

My immediate thoughts on the Jason Peters rapture… er, rupture – Blogging the bEast
The left side may not be Vick's blindside, but it is where all the elite pass rushers will be coming from.