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Eagles Reach Out To Marcus McNeill According To Report

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Free agent LT Marcus McNeill's agent has told PFT that the Eagles have been in contact about his client. He says it too early to tell how serious the team's interest is, but it's clear that they're exploring all options in an effort to replace all pro Jason Peters, who was lost with a ruptured achilles while training in Texas.

McNeill is a giant 6-7, 336 pounder who is only 27 and has made two pro bowls. He's only two years removed from signing a 6yr, $49 million deal and being considered as one of the better LTs in the NFL.

Problem is, he's suffered with neck injuries since 2009. It's not exactly clear what it's the same injury cropping up over and over again or whether it's just bad luck, but he did have his neck surgically repaired in 2009 and went on IR last season with a neck injury. That said, he was basically hit on the chin and had his neck snapped back by Aaron Curry last season, so while it was an ugly injury it may not have been related to the earlier surgery. You can see the hit here if you want.

Still, if he is healthy, this a potential elite starter at LT that's still sitting out there free. There's no doubt risk involved here and the Eagles doctors would have clear him, but given the situation, it may be worth the risk. For McNeill, it may come to his options or what kind of deal he's looking for. He visited the Lions earlier this offseason, but left without a deal.

Would he be interested in coming here on a one year deal? Is that what the Eagles might offer assuming that Peters can come beck in 2013? These are all questions that need answers.

The Eagles will also reportedly host free LT Demetrius Bell for a visit sometime this weekend, assuming he doesn't sign with the Steelers first...