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Eagles Earn High Marks In Free Agency So Far

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The Eagles haven't really signed any free agents, but that hasn't stopped Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. from giving them a grade of B+, the fifth highest in the league.

Unlike a year ago, the Eagles didn't go crazy this offseason. The trade for Ryans does appear to be a win-win for both teams, as Ryans is now another year removed from his Achilles injury, fits the Eagles' 4-3 better than Houston's odd front and has a better chance of being an every-down player in Philadelphia than he did in Houston. Middle linebacker was a huge need for Philadelphia, and banking on Luke Kuechly to be there for the Eagles' first-round pick at No. 15 was a big risk. Extensions such as the one Cole received often aren't factored in with handing out offseason grades, but keeping him around for the long term is instrumental to Philadelphia's success. Dixon also is a much better interior defensive player than many realize. Another long-term deal that should pay off for the Eagles is keeping DeSean Jackson, a true game changer. The Eagles had one of the best left sides of an offensive line in the NFL last season and kept that intact by re-signing Mathis. Locking up Herremans also helps the Eagles' front five. Overall, the Eagles did a great job of keeping their own players and weren't hit very hard with defections, although there has been a lot of recent talk that Asante Samuel could be traded. Philadelphia's continuity could go a long way toward its success and is in stark contrast with last offseason's spending spree.

He refers to the Eagles spending spree last year as if it was a bad thing, but in this same article praises the Buccaneers for doing virtually the same thing. Actually they spent much more... But that's how this work. Certainly last year everyone was loving what the Eagles did and this year they all get to pretend like they thought it was a bad idea. Hindsight is, evidently, all that really matters in the NFL.

Of course, this article was written before the Jason Peters injury. So at the moment, you've got to give the Eagles an incomplete here until we figure out what they do to fill the hole at LT.