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McNabb: I Am The Most Over Criticized QB In The History Of The League

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Donovan McNabb has been a guest of ESPN's "First and 10" this week and as best I can tell has been trying to out-do Skip Bayless with his level of curmudgeon-ness. He started out with a takedown of Tim Tebow for his need to incessantly remind everyone of how excited he is and how hard he works and how much he loves fans.

Of course, Skip Bayless, the greatest lover of Tim Tebow on earth, had to defend him. With a straight face he actually said Tebow is criticized too much "by this network." If you don't get why that's hilarious, check this out.

In his defensive of Tebow, Skip called Tebow "the most unfairly, over criticized QB in the history of this league," to which McNabb responded,

"Negative. I am. Nobody's been criticized as much as I have."

It was funny to hear McNabb make fun of Tebow's whole goody two shoes act, but he definitely comes as a little bitter and pretty curmudgeonly overall.

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Of course, the funniest thing about this video is that four grown men discuss a tweet for over 13 minutes... But that's what ESPN has become now. And amazingly, after this segment, they had Stephen A Smith call in to talk about Tebow's tweet for another EIGHT MINUTES!

So what was your impression? Is McNabb really the most unfairly, over criticized QB in the history of this league?